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Conversely, no areas of the highest biopollution level ('massive impacts') were found either.

Estuaries and bays were found to be more impacted by NIS than open coasts or offshore area The number of non-indigenous species (NIS) introduced in the Baltic Sea due to human activities is increasing.

To reach this goal, some challenges still have to be addressed.

A few applications of Protein Microarrays in a medical context are shown.

Moanda, Mongombe, Marcelin, Waku, Longo and Bita were all from a former band called Bel Guide National.

They were mostly students coming from upper-class families of Kinshasa.

In the fifties, the famous Congolese rumba dominated the continent.

Half a century later, it has lost nothing of its youth even if, in the meantime, it has undergone numerous, radical face-lifts. The man has everything you love in the new Congolese, ex-Zairians, ex-Congolese (you will understand as you read on): vivacity, humour, intelligence, talent.

: This review addresses up-to-date applications of Protein Microarrays.In the eyes of the community, we must constantly strive to improve, and the community monitors us closely to determine if we can meet this demand.Just because we can satisfy the community's needs today, it does not necessarily mean that we shall be able to do so tomorrow.Protein Microarrays can be powerful tools to improve healthcare.An overview of basic characteristics to mediate essential knowledge of this technique is given.And Kinshasa is a temple of intelligence where the French language is the most image laden in the French-speaking world.


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